Yun na mil mujh se khafa ho jaisay Saath chal, mauj-e-sabaa ho jaisay [Meet me not in anger, beloved, Walk with me, like the morning breeze walks with spring] Φ A Mehdi Hasan rendition of the famous, Ehsan Danish ghazal, playing from a vinyl record, whitewashed walls, indoor plants, a carved lamp-stand, with a shade to […]

ख्वाबों में Or خوابوں میں

A couple of days back, I read Sad Tonight my friend Apoorva Mathur wrote. I believe the rhythm and effect of it stayed on with me and the next day, I found myself writing this: रात आधी, पूरी खाली सड़क अब भी पड़ी है, ख्वाबों में तुम्हारे मिलने के पहले ही तक़दीर तुम से जुड़ी […]