How easy it is to write your name;How easy to make your language my own;How easily the curves come to my hands,When I trace the words on your bodyAs if your skin was paperAnd I was writing a letter to… What is my name?Do you remember?I must’ve given it to you to keep safe –That […]


It’s March and suddenly spring. Whatever be the tint of your glasses, there are flowers to be seen everywhere. Isn’t it ironic then, that he chose to send me a whole notebook’s worth of paper covered in poetry and what should fall off from between the leaves but dried pink bougainvillea. ‘How do I not […]


To forget before I can remember. To end before I can begin. साथ चलो, कुछ यादें जलानी हैं, पीली धूप का अम्बी में ज़ायक़ा, हरे रंग की ख़ुश्बू उस गार्डन की, सुर्ख़, डरे ख़ूं का रगों में दौड़े जाना, काली, ख़ाली आँखों का रातों को जागना, नीली सड़कों पर तेज़ रफ़्तार बातें… रंग तो वही […]


Yun na mil mujh se khafa ho jaisay Saath chal, mauj-e-sabaa ho jaisay [Meet me not in anger, beloved, Walk with me, like the morning breeze walks with spring] Φ A Mehdi Hasan rendition of the famous, Ehsan Danish ghazal, playing from a vinyl record, whitewashed walls, indoor plants, a carved lamp-stand, with a shade to […]

बारिशों के नाम

बारिश की हरी सी ख़ुशबू, धुलती हुई यादों का माज़ी – एक शाम तुम्हारे सिराहने बैठ सारे अफ़साने, सारी नज़्में तुम्हारे तकिये के नीचे छुपा कर, बच्चों की बनाई काग़ज़ी कश्ती सा बह आया