Yun na mil mujh se khafa ho jaisay Saath chal, mauj-e-sabaa ho jaisay [Meet me not in anger, beloved, Walk with me, like the morning breeze walks with spring] Φ A Mehdi Hasan rendition of the famous, Ehsan Danish ghazal, playing from a vinyl record, whitewashed walls, indoor plants, a carved lamp-stand, with a shade to…

J’ai Oublié

‘J’ai oublié’ is a phrase I picked from an adorable movie called Hiroshima Mon Amour. Here, I’ve taken bits and pieces of insights about memory and its fickleness, that I’ve come across in films, in literature and in real life. Some credit goes to an elegant old lady of 82, Mrs. Banta Singh, who I met in Chandigarh once. She is the inspiration for this story.

Do You Love Me?

“I love you.” “…” “I love you a lot.” “Thanks” “What sort of a reply is that!?” He couldn’t possibly mean what he said. There was no reason for him to love me. He doesn’t even know who I am, what if I’m a kleptomaniac? Well, what if he is one? What if he has…

Shikra (Bird)

He waits, Like a bird perched on a window sill Calling out every few minutes to check on me. He waits for a story, or a poem that will tell him of love – One that throbs in his blood, One that flows in a poet’s ink, One that he would carry under his wing….

Recipes With Leftover Love – 3

The last in the series of recipes with leftover love. The one about learning. The one about confronting your demons. Sometimes with chocolate, or bourbon.

Recipes With Leftover Love – 2

It’s the last of winters and the slightest breeze brings forth a shower of dry leaves from the trees lining the streets. Very soon, the amaltaas will vie for attention along with the gulmohur and the bougainvillea. Bursts of yellow, red, and shocks of dark mauve and white will inspire some poetry flaming with love,…

Recipes with Leftover Love – 1

When you have leftover food from the party the previous night, you give it away to your domestic help, or you upcycle it. Plain rice gets a makeover with some vegetables, egg and chicken and has its Cinderella moment; cold pizza goes into a buttered pan, gets a seasoning with some fresh herbs or a sauce and you beam at this marvellous masterpiece, your breakfast couldn’t be better!

What do you do when you find yourself with a lot of leftover love on your hands?

ख्वाबों में Or خوابوں میں

A couple of days back, I read Sad Tonight my friend Apoorva Mathur wrote. I believe the rhythm and effect of it stayed on with me and the next day, I found myself writing this: रात आधी, पूरी खाली सड़क अब भी पड़ी है, ख्वाबों में तुम्हारे मिलने के पहले ही तक़दीर तुम से जुड़ी…

Love. As I knew it.

1 I like the look of spring in some lanes in my city. The one outside my alma mater for example, is gorgeous. It is lined with old souls – trees – that have been witness to many stories, secrets, lives, travels, suns and moons, rains and rainbows. They’ve been home to ants scurrying about…

A Summertime Romance

I see him out there. I wish I could tell him, he looks nice, still the same though, he should take care of his health. That smile never quite reaches his eyes. They’re troubled. Oh! The dark glasses cannot quite conceal the worries. I hope he hasn’t noticed me. I turn away and walk over…