“O Dastaañgo, aik panna aur kholo, aur kaho…” And we all saw, more than 1500 of us, how a relationship so fragile, so precious, so battered by an unforgettable sense of wrong, as that between Draupadi and Yudhishtira, was revived by a simple act of friendship. An eponymous long poem by Pavan K Verma, adapted […]


It’s March and suddenly spring. Whatever be the tint of your glasses, there are flowers to be seen everywhere. Isn’t it ironic then, that he chose to send me a whole notebook’s worth of paper covered in poetry and what should fall off from between the leaves but dried pink bougainvillea. ‘How do I not […]


kırmızı | red | rouge | rosso | rojo | أَحْمَر | červený | κόκκινος | красный | vermelho | rød | màu đỏ | แดง | लाल | লাল | سرخ | Love is red. Red roses are for lovers. There was love. Now there are remains. Like memories, the red roses bloom.