How do you like your coffee?

I like mine strong. And I appreciate it in all its forms. Here’s one time I saw how the big, bad machines make some. I felt like I was instantly transported to some city that’s still living the ’70s.

Glorious Food

Love to eat. Live to eat. Some people eat to live, well, we are slightly different then. They say that half the pleasure of eating is in seeing and smelling the food. These are some delectable dishes from The Mansingh, in Gwalior.  

Little Boxes

Certainly no ordinary pair of boxes, these. Two of the finest indulgence stores in Calcutta – Flurys & Balaram Mullick – the confectioneries are simply delightful.  

Have some cake!

The most delectable red velvet cake, a wedding cake at that, from The Pink Box, in New Delhi