At Amapola’s we strive for the best results. It is for this reason we as the seller and you as the buyer should put these guidelines into consideration:

  • The prices we set for each product is always subject to change. Due to materials constantly changing prices.
  • Every product has a set price, however this price does not include shipping. Shipping prices would be at the checkout window for you to select.
  • Every order is final, meaning there is no refund, exchange and or cancellation. Unless something is wrong in our end, we would take responsibility. Note: we take pictures of every item for this same reason.
  • Items DAMAGED in the shipping process must be addressed immediately upon arrival. Proof of damage must be communicated and illustrated to properly address any situation as fast as we can.
  • Shipping prices depend on where you are located and what shipping carrier you choose.
  • If you would like to rush any order you make you would have to pay an extra fee, to push your order to the front. This charge does not include shipping. Please refer to the contact tab or click  here before purchasing your product.
  • Orders must be paid before any item is made. The reason being everything is customized. No cash unless prior arrangements made with the consumer.
  • If you don't send us any specifications about a change you want to make to an item your order will be sent as is.
  • You can always send us your ideas and we will try to recreate it the best we can. We believe in originality and always like to tweak a thing or two.
  • Mistakes can be noticeable as everything we make is handmade.
  • Every item is uniquely handmade it is for this reason we have a preparing time for different products please refer to any specific product and see it in the descriptions
  • Once you approved your design and payment has been received your product will be sent to production. If for any reason you are not satisfied once you receive the product, you can send us the product back. However you will be charged with a restock fee depending the product. You will be in charge of paying shipping to resend us the product and the shipping to send it back to you.
  • Every product is sent with a care instruction card. Not following these instructions may result in a fast depreciation of any product.
  • If you have any questions or want something specifically made, please go to the Contact tab or click here.