February was like bittersweet chocolate. And I love that kind. I do. It took me, very briefly, to Serampore, and it made me realize, how much I want to spend months in Calcutta and its suburbs, not necessarily photographing its streets, people, food, and leftover colonial architecture, but absorbing the smells, sights, and sounds, the […]

To New Beginnings

He’s considered the first to be remembered among all divinity. And remembering him, I start over, yet another time. The Amapolas Company is my venture into providing really good photography, and text content to people and businesses. I take up photography assignments for shooting food, interiors, portraits, and weddings; and create powerful text content for […]


It’s March and suddenly spring. Whatever be the tint of your glasses, there are flowers to be seen everywhere. Isn’t it ironic then, that he chose to send me a whole notebook’s worth of paper covered in poetry and what should fall off from between the leaves but dried pink bougainvillea. ‘How do I not […]