Baby Blues

It is only the middle of the week, and honestly, Wednesday is just another Monday with a different name. We know that feeling all too well. But we believe that there are no mid-week blues that a cute little munchkin can’t cure. We’ve got proof. Here’s a charmer for you – Siddhraj Solanki, with his…

Navneet Gill of Nini’s Kitchen

She’s one of the spunkiest, most animated people in the city. I remember meeting her for the first time ever, at Nini’s and spending the next hour laughing myself silly, listening, and watching fascinated, as she narrated what was, her very first time in Ahmadabad. Navneet is the better half of the couple who run…


February was like bittersweet chocolate. And I love that kind. I do. It took me, very briefly, to Serampore, and it made me realize, how much I want to spend months in Calcutta and its suburbs, not necessarily photographing its streets, people, food, and leftover colonial architecture, but absorbing the smells, sights, and sounds, the…

Daftar – The Co-working Space

As entrepreneurial as Gujarat is, one never thought that the cool of start-ups would rub off on this generally laid-back city of Ahmadabad. But it has, and how! We have the city bustling with new ideas coming to fruition powered by the young brains that spout them. For those that need the environs of an…

How do you like your coffee?

I like mine strong. And I appreciate it in all its forms. Here’s one time I saw how the big, bad machines make some. I felt like I was instantly transported to some city that’s still living the ’70s.


There’s a bright happiness in yellow that other colours don’t have. I find yellow charming, and if done as elegantly as this for a wedding venue, it certainly brings some visual warmth to a winter set-up.

Glorious Food

Love to eat. Live to eat. Some people eat to live, well, we are slightly different then. They say that half the pleasure of eating is in seeing and smelling the food. These are some delectable dishes from The Mansingh, in Gwalior.  

Make Portraits

One comes across the most interesting faces most unexpectedly. Never miss a chance. This here, is a very regal looking lady from the Patel community, photographed in Thaltej village, Ahmedabad.

About a Bride

What I particularly enjoy about photographing an Indian Wedding, are, the details; and the sometimes overbearing presence of Red. But then, that’s toned down by ┬áthe elegance of the bride.

Remnants of a Winter

When it was all blue, one brought in some warmth with a bright red lipstick, and some Bombay Sapphire.