As entrepreneurial as Gujarat is, one never thought that the cool of start-ups would rub off on this generally laid-back city of Ahmadabad. But it has, and how! We have the city bustling with new ideas coming to fruition powered by the young brains that spout them. For those that need the environs of an office without the feeling of being jailed in a cubicle, here’s Daftar, offering the flexibility that only a co-working space does. Daftar is the hippest new co-working space in the city, right opposite the AMA Complex, in the coolest part of Ahmadabad, within walking distance of IIM-A. It’s got space, and comfort, and a bevy of food-joints catering to all sizes of hunger, from breakfast through to dinner, right down the building. And we, aka, The Amapolas Company, are very likely regulars here.

We had fun shooting for them this weekend, and are totally eyeing the little cosy cabin featured. Check them out here: Daftar

Posted by:Salonee Pareek

I'm a story-teller at heart, and I use images and words to tell the stories I have to. I have a day job of a communications professional, and I moonlight as a photographer. I'm based in Ahmedabad, India. And I dream of travelling the world.

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