Trigger Warning. (Sort of)

Hot chocolate, sunshine, books
3 days, trees, wood, a soft bed,
a nook by the window, no
network, food that nourishes
a healed body, a healed mind,
a healed soul.

Cheese, music, wine, cool
breeze, firelight, a long
night, eyes not swollen by
sleep. eyes not clouded
by fear. eyes not glazed
by memory. persistent,
like pain that fell from
the skies all night in
stormy sheets and claps of
thunder. wading through
a knee-high flood, the force
of the wind. walk.
To be found, every new
bruise invoking the first
sense of loss.

A peak called Trident, bare
one day, under blue skies
covered in snow
obscuring the sun,shining in the sunlight.
crushed bougainvillea
lie in the grass, and a
gray cat hides
like a fallen rain cloud.
I could touch the stars
under the velvet sky
shivering, cloaked
in winter.

Breathless, on a vertical climb
the thin
mountain air, fallen pine cones,
a drop of dew and my view
of the world reflected
upside down.
Holding my breath, trying
to not move
when I take a picture
to remember my world
upside down.

Half the sky is still blue
the other half under
a blanket of cloud
threatening rain.
He promised, her daughter
would not cry.

Have you seen a human
fall apart, disintegrate,
like bread crumbs,
under the blue sky,
covered in a blanket
of clouds.
And run like water
down a slope
of a mountain.
The sun never forgets
to risde and colour
the snow pink.
Like the bruise, that
always invokes
the first.

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