There is a lot hidden, under your skin.
Memories travel unbidden, under your skin.

What countries lie unmapped, unexplored, in wait,
Their languages in riddles, under your skin.

Their dried up oceans have now become heaps of sand,
Perhaps there are pearls hidden, under your skin.

Those sights and sounds and smells you remember so!
They have unsuspected triggers, under your skin.

The shadows that stay up nights, replaying yesterdays,
Their puppet master lives hidden, under your skin.

Sal, you ought to think, before you’re played again,
There is a world forbidden, under your skin.

Posted by:Salonee Pareek

I'm a story-teller at heart, and I use images and words to tell the stories I have to. I have a day job of a communications professional, and I moonlight as a photographer. I'm based in Ahmedabad, India. And I dream of travelling the world.

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