Secret Letters

I write letters to you.
Letters I’ll never post,
Letters I’ll read and reread
and imagine your replies to.

Should I have used the bird stamps?
Or the blue ones with the airplanes?
Would you be home when the postman got there?
Where would you tear the envelope?
Would you make a clean cut
Or a messy one?
I thought of a paper knife.

Do you put them away in a book after you’ve read them?
Do you sit down to think what paper you’ll use,
what color of ink,
what pen you’ll write with?
Will you write to me tomorrow?
I bought new envelopes.

Could you find the kiss I tucked away
between paragraphs of banter?
Did you smile when you found it?
Would you send me one in your reply?
I’m running out of paper.

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3 thoughts on “Secret Letters

  1. It’s a very beautiful poem. The depth in the simple words are amazing. May you write many more.

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