Do You Love Me?

“I love you.”
“I love you a lot.”
“What sort of a reply is that!?”

He couldn’t possibly mean what he said. There was no reason for him to love me. He doesn’t even know who I am, what if I’m a kleptomaniac? Well, what if he is one? What if he has weird hobbies like, collecting spiders?

“Will you run away if you don’t like me?”
“I might, yes.”

I saw him like I’d always known him. There were no first times with him. No first date, no first kiss, everything felt like that’s how it had been for as long as I could remember being in, no I couldn’t be in love, this was too soon.

“Why do you fight with me so much?”
“Because you give me reason to. Everyday. “
“What if I don’t? Will you still fight with me?”
“My day feels incomplete without a little fight with you.”
“Did you have dinner yet?”

You’ve to be out of your mind to love.
You’ve to be out of your senses to love a complete stranger.
You’ve to be crazy to love a complete stranger who promises to fight with you everyday. He is rather demented. Why should I love him?!

“You love me a lot, don’t you?”
“You love me beyond everything you know”
“How long have you known?”
“Why do you ask then?”

I’m a citizen of the nation of denial. I’ll always deny things like I’m upset, or crying, or missing someone, or in need of help, or I’m in love. He loves to hear me say everyday that I do not love him. He asks me everyday if I do.

“Tell me…”
“Since when?”
“Since the day you said you’ll steal from time to be with me.”

No, I do not love him.

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  1. Oh, love… 🙂
    It felt nice to read this.

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