Gratitude ~ a song for parting

Each time I wander, hopeful, looking for signs.
Each time I return more lost than before.

Gratitude for bridges burned.
Gratitude. For love received. Never returned.

Gratitude for illusions on dead canvases.
Gratitude. For dreams now hollower than carcasses
Of desires.

Gratitude. For stealing from me, what was not mine.
Gratitude. For the words temporarily perched on the blind
Shoulders of wisdom.

Gratitude. For stories that lull suspicion to sleep.
Gratitude. For all the tears that I’d never weep
For we could never be.

Gratitude. Till I’m emptied of all your lies.
Gratitude. For no more does blood cleanse my eyes
Of guilt.

Gratitude. For pain.
It is clichéd after all
To cry for every bruise, to shed tears upon a fall.
A temporary imbalance.

Gratitude. For the trust
Gone up in the flames.
Gratitude. For the hand rolled cigarette
Half smoked remains
On an ash tray of thoughts.

Gratitude. Is a beggar girl I shooed away yesterday.
Gratitude. Imprinted her little hand on the dusty leaves of gray
Memories, one evening.

Gratitude, will whisper a half truth and be forgotten
Gratitude. Will never remember to love the ill-gotten
Much desired prize.

Gratitude. For words I do not comprehend.
Gratitude. For emotions that transcend
All language.

Gratitude, my friend, my love, my companion vain.
Gratitude, for we may not meet again.
On sands of time
Or beyond.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. humanologic says:

    Gratitude for posting but not replying on twitter … Gratitude 🙂 as always … It’s a pleasure Reading your verses

  2. Poeticsoul says:

    “There is no honest woman with an uncorrupted heart whom a man is not sure of conquering by dint of gratitude. It is one of the surest and shortest means.”- Casanova

  3. humanologic says:

    Gratitude : for sharing

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