Buddha Is

Buddha is a dehati aurat
Buddha is a journalist
Buddha is a Prime Minister (Or two)
Buddha died in a blast (in Peshawar)
Buddha watched Raanjhanaa on tv
Buddha had a rally (in New Delhi)
Buddha is buried under the rubble of the collapsed building (in Bombay)
Buddha does not want to do homework
Buddha is anxious for a meeting in a foreign country
Buddha was shot in the shoulder
Buddha can’t wait for the Breaking Bad finale
Buddha will RT this if Buddha wants to RT this
Buddha thinks this is the perfect time for chai
Buddha went to Ladakh on a Royal Enfield Bullet
Buddha likes puppies and kittens
Buddha will sing a song from The Sound of Music
Buddha parked the car in the sun
Buddha deactivated twitter account and fancies crows
Buddha likes Ghalib
Buddha has a curfew in the city
Buddha wants a visa
Buddha is doing hisaab (accounts)
Buddha wants to know whether to change avi or not
Buddha enjoyed the heritage session in Delhi
Buddha is watching Tamas
Buddha did not have a bath today
Buddha is a great shaa’ir
Buddha thinks you should Wear Sunscreen
Buddha is broke

Buddha has to stand at this traffic signal and beg today. The weekly off is tomorrow

Buddha believes the news channels
Buddha BELIES the news channels
Buddha does not want aman ki aasha
Buddha wants aman.
Buddha wished Rumi a Happy Birthday
Buddha does not want to make dinner
Buddha likes Mondays
Buddha will win the Sultan Johor Cup
Buddha is tired
Buddha is dying
Buddha will die
Buddha will be born. Again
Buddha was born (when I wrote this)

Buddha is shining bright today so that the clothes on the clotheslines are dry

Buddha just won the Moto GP 2013
Buddha went for a swim
Buddha likes to run five miles every day
Buddha was disappointed because MUFC lost
Buddha wants Catharsee to be hauled off to Twitter Jail
Buddha will shut up.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Buddha or Budhha I believe you meant the latter Salonee 🙂

    1. Sal Paradise says:

      Sir, again, it makes sense to leave it open for interpretation. Beyond a point, one can’t really explain what one has expressed, no?

  2. Aseff says:

    the amazing poetry of a conscious head, a yearning heart. what a joy to read!!!

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